Christian and Konrad started thinking about creating a gin and tonic club in the summer of 2018.

While both out one night at the Holborn Rooms Gin Bar in London, which boasted having over 500 international, small batch and local gins and a selection of 30 tonics they thought that it would be amazing to have a great gin experience like this at home, and so G&T Club was born.

The idea was simple, help gin lovers discover new and existing gins, pair them with the best tonics, start or add to their existing gin collection and have a hassle free experience by receiving the gin and accompanying tonics at home, leaving them with nothing else to do but share an amazing cocktail with their friends and family.

At G&T Club we believe that discovering new gins and tonics is half the fun, the other half is enjoying it with someone else.

Making your gin and tonic at home should be a fun experience! We will teach you how everything can make a difference from the glass, the garnish, the botanicals, from matching the perfect tonic to a specific gin, it's all important.

Start your amazing gin and tonic journey of discovery with G&T Club today.

G&T Club is a new gin and tonic subscription club for those who love to discover new gins and tonics at home. Sign up to G&T Club today.