Recently we did a review of Divine Gin, by the Yorkshire based Divine distillery (Which is FAB by the way!). Today though, we want to talk more about the wonderful guys at The G&T Club that made that review possible, with their amazing gin subscriptions. Divine marked the third month since the G&T Club launch, and in such a short time, Christian and Konrad (the founders) have managed to introduce so many people to three wonderful gins, and some tasty goodies to match them with. For those of you who are G&T Club virgins, we’re going to take a look at what was in May’s box, now…

May G&T Club Box 2019 - Gin Divine

Divine Gin, Divine branded glass, two bottles of 1724 tonic water, The Sun Valley Co. Gin nuts, a Flower & White Raspberry Meringue snack bar and a tin of pink peppercorns to garnish your G&Ts with. A tantalising selection of mouth-watering treats, each with so much we could talk about (that alone would be a twenty-minute read). G&T Club have hand selected these goodies to provide the perfect serve for May’s gin of the month.

When it arrives at your door, the contents are a complete mystery. It’s like adult Christmas on repeat!

Some of you may be wondering, “why the recent gin craze?”. Gin has a pretty colourful and interesting history, but cutting a long story short, it used to be illegal in the UK to distil in quantities less than 1,800 litres. In 2009 that law was changed, allowing distillers big and small to begin experimenting, in batches as small as 1 litre! This has allowed gin to become the newest canvas for the modern art of taste.

There is soooo much going on out there now. Exciting, bold and even unusual gins are being put together all across the world. The question is, how do we feasibly manage to sample the newest and best versions of what’s available? This is where the G&T Club offers something extraordinary… They go out and talk to distillers of all sizes, find some of the best gins (by the process of tasting, of course), and offer those gins to you when they are extremely hard to find. If you like your gin, in our opinion, the price for their box is a no brainer. Not only do you get a hard to come by bottle of a lovely tipple, but they also provide some unusual tonics, treats and serving botanicals to enjoy it with, for around the same price as some gins in the shops. In addition, when it arrives at your door, the contents are a complete mystery. It’s like adult Christmas on repeat! If you aren’t sure you’ll get through a new bottle every month, they also have bimonthly and quarterly options too. But if you are anything like us, and suffer from occasional FOMO, then you’ll sign up for monthly 😊

May G&T Club Box 2019 - Gin Divine Cocktails 

We were especially impressed with Christian and Konrad’s decision to support a charity. Every subscription helps G&T Club to contribute 5% of all profits to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. This charity organisation is focused on enabling the socio-economic, and ecological growth and independence of countries in the Global South. Every part of the world deserves opportunity, and we love that support for these kinds of projects, comes from great people like Christian and Konrad.

We’re excited for the next box and to see what you guys think of it!

The Gin Couple

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