The Gin Moscow Mule is a cocktail prepared by using gin instead of Vodka is generally known as Gin Mule. Garnishing with mint adds a special touch to this refreshing drink.

The botanicals in gin are cut nicely by the presence of fresh mint, helping your guest ease their way into these new flavors. Make sure when experimenting with gin to not forget the type of ginger beer you use matter, as you don’t want to overpower a cocktail with a spicy – over the top – ginger beer and a heavily botanical gin.

Yes, it does exist and here is how you make it.

• 10 mint leaves
• Double shot of gin
• 1 tps of simple syrup
• 1 tps of lime juice
• 250ml of chilled ginger beer
• Plenty of ice
• Fresh ginger, lime, blackberries and mint (to garnish)

Make sure the ginger beer is ice cold and this cocktail is best served in a pure copper mug also grab some fresh ginger, lime, blackberries and mint to garnish.

How to make
Add 250ml of chilled ginger beer and add enough ice to your liking⁣⁣, next add the mint into a copper mug. Muddle gently. Add the simple syrup, lime juice and gin and stir. Fill the copper mug with ice and top off with ginger beer. Add lime, ginger, blackberries and mint to garnish and serve.

Here’s a lay-of-the-land in terms of how many gin’s taste, and how they might influence the taste and profile of a traditional mule.

  • Hendrick’s: this gin is known for it’s more medicinal notes, thanks to the addition of cucumber and rose in the flavoring process. It also has a noted pepperiness, so beware when mixing with a particularly strong ginger beer.
  • Bombay Sapphire: This is probably what most people would consider the archetypal ‘gin’. Strong notes of juniper, cedar and citrus abound. It’s not over peppery, and none of the individual botanicals overwhelm, so it’s great for mixing.
  • St George: This is far and away the most ambitious gin on this (albeit short) list, featuring a stunning 19 botanicals in its recipe. Elements as eclectic as cilantro and cascade hops have been none to present themselves on the nose of this intriguing spirit. Mix with care.

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